Sunday, December 30, 2007


I was visiting with a dear friend today and the topic of time came up. As you already know, I work outside of my home. I wake up at 6am and leave the house shortly after 7am. I get off work and pick up the kids from aftercare. By the time I get home, it is after 4pm...and that is when there are no practices or games to go to. The Boy always finishes his homework in aftercare. The Girl sometimes has more to do when we get home. When we get home, I usually come in my office and get on the computer for about 30 - 45 minutes - that's my "me" time. By then, it is 5pm and time to start dinner. The Husband is usually home by 5:30pm. After dinner, it's dishes. The kids get ready for bed and we may spend about 30 minutes together as a family watching TV or playing. Then, it's bedtime. I go to bed between 9:30 and 10pm. My days FLY by and I feel like nothing ever gets done. Like I said, those are the days without extra-curricular activities! Twice a week, The Girl has gymnastics (2 hrs). The Boy plays baseball which will start up in another month or so, and that will also be twice a week. It amazes me how busy we are ALL the time.

My friend works from home. She has three kids and they are younger than mine; however, two are school-aged and have homework as well. She says each child spends up to an hour on homework each day. She finds herself in the same predicament as I; she has no time for anything. Why is this? How is it we are so much busier than our mothers were? My mother raised 4 children. She had to run four different directions. I have 2 kids and I feel like I never have enough time.

The worst part? I feel as though I don't spend any time with The Husband. For the first time in our married life, he has a "9-5" job...he's home every night and weekend, yet we never seem to have any time to spend together. Our weekends are filled with catch-up stuff and, during season, sports with the kids.

Why is it we are so busy all the time?

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