Saturday, February 2, 2008


It seems I am in luck. Unfortunately for The Husband (but oh, so happily for me), someone else bought The Bronco before The Husband had a chance. After I did my dance of superiority (you know...the one where you dance nekkid on top of every table and/or countertop in the house), I saw how depressed The Husband was. Shockingly, my dancing did not cheer him up. Go figure! I decided to remind The Husband of his prior passion...bicycles. The Husband bought a used road bike a few months back and has enjoyed riding it but wanted to be able to ride with the entire family. We went shopping today and to our surprise found not one, but TWO mountain bikes to buy. Mine is brand spanking new and The Husband's is used but still really nice. Both bikes were rather inexpensive, which thrilled me to no end.

After lunch today, we went on a family bike ride. We drove out to the park and went on a trail. With hills. Lots of hills. I hate hills. I hate trails. I hate bikes. My thighs hate bikes. At one point on the hill I looked to see if my bike would, in fact, fit up The Husband's ass, since that is where I wanted to shove it. (It didn't fit.) I managed the entire trail (walking the bike some...ok...a lot of the hilly way) but it was kind of fun. The Kids had a blast, too, which is always nice.

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  1. "Plan B" sounds like a lot of fun. Well, ok, maybe not the hill part - but the being together as a family part. :-)


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