Friday, March 21, 2008

The big FIVE-OH!

As of this evening, I have 50 miles on my bike! That's pretty exciting considering I've been keeping track since March 9th! Actually, I've ridden 10 times including tonight. For the most part, I average 3.5 - 4 miles/day but I do not ride Wednesdays (The Girl has gymnastics) and I try to ride a bit longer on the weekends when I can. Tonight, I rode 7 miles. My longest ride so far was Sunday - The Husband and I rode just over 9 miles.

Only 950 miles to go.................(and my "prize" for hitting 1000 miles? The Husband says new tires! LOL!)


  1. Good for you! You should track some trips on Expedia so that you can chronicle the milestones..."I've ridden to Yellowstone." Or maybe Im just a big dork.

  2. I think a more likely one would be "I've ridden to the post office!" LOL! The Husband wants to do a massive trek - he wants to go up the eastern seaboard. I said he was crazy - it was all UPHILL and I would only do the reverse...NY to FL, which is OBVIOUSLY downhill!


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