Friday, March 28, 2008

More Addiction Issues

And this time? This time the addiction issues are mine! I am addicted to my computer, and, specifically, to my email. I have a ridiculous number of active email accounts. Why? I have NO FREAKING CLUE! Seriously - I actually USE one or two. I must have close to a dozen or more. In fact, I opened a NEW ONE yesterday! WTF?! gets better. I have been in a full-fledged pissy mood for the past day and a half because my email was jacked up and I couldn't check it. All day yesterday and today (till about an hour ago), I was totally beside myself over this! I mean totally, completely, irrationally pissed. I HAVE A PROBLEM. Okay - I've said it. That's the first step, right? Doesn't make me feel better. Won't change my obsessive nature about checking email (or blog hopping, or getting lost on crackbook, or getting lost online in general) in any way.

Off to check my email...


  1. I am a member of your club. I get so flustered if I can't access email or, worse, gasp, the internet. Oh the torture!

  2. Oh, I am SO addicted to my computer, my husband used to joke but now realizes it is a serious problem. YIKES! I think in blogs, too. But what is worse? MY KIDS think in blogs now and regularly come to me and say, "Mom, blog about this." and then launch into some crazy story. It's not an addiction if the whole family is involved, right? It's just a family activity.
    Oh my gosh, my word verification ends in "pms". Too perfect!

  3. outnumbered...I think in blog too. *sigh* I'm with you on the justification...if I can only get my family more involved all will be well, right?!

  4. I get super excited when my computer dings to tell me I have a new message...sometimes I'll check it manually just to see if somethings come in under the auto check time limit...that's obsessed!

  5. I'm just as bad. I have probably 10 email accounts, but I have no idea why. Most of them auto-forward to one, so why not just use that one? I dunno.


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