Saturday, April 12, 2008

Family Fun Night

If you hadn't noticed, there have not been many Family Fun Day posts lately. The weather has not been conducive to family fun over the past several weekends. This weekend is no exception...rain is expected today. With that in mind, we had our family fun last night.

The Girl got a new bike last weekend. It is the same as The Boy's bike. His is blue; hers is metallic purple. So last night was our first "big ride" together. We rode about 7 miles and the kids did extremely well. We knew The Boy would do well - he and The Husband went on an 11 mile trip shortly after getting his bike about a month ago. We had our doubts about The Girl, though. Like I said, she did an amazing job and not once did she get off her bike to push!

Off for a quick ride/run with The Husband this morning. The week of vacation is coming to an end and I'm so sad about that. I really enjoyed my week home, even if the kids drove me batty when they were home together. We are *definitely* going to have to set some serious ground rules for the summer or I am going straight to the loony bin!

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