Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Reprieve...aka Family Fun

Today, the kids were *not* mean. Fancy that! Just when I go and admit to you all what horrible creatures they tend to be, they go off and prove me wrong for the day...NOT that I'm complaining. I'm just saying. They're like that. They enjoy proving me wrong. Mostly, that happens when I point out how polite and caring they are. That's all!

So...this morning, we played games. Real. live. board games. (and no head games)! Amazing. We played Monopoly the other day and that was a blast. Then, The Boy and I played Scrabble a few days ago. This morning, I decided games were good. We played Yahtzee and then Clue. It was totally Miss Scarlet in the Conservatory with the lead pipe. Guess who won both games! Yup. ME! I rock.

Lunch went off without a hitch (I got all crazy and made omelets). Then, we played another game. We played Life but this time I lost. I have to say...Life is one of the most unrealistic games out there. The Boy chose not to go to college and stared his career. He was a police officer. His salary? $90,000. Yeah - that's on target. The Girl and I both went to college. She ended up a athlete and I was a doctor. Together, we barely made more than The Boy! Anyway, we all had fun and the kids were not mean. And...well, that was the whole point!


  1. I just love board games. Life used to be my favorite but not the new version.....what's with all the insurance options??

  2. Board games rock, especially Scrabble - I love it. So glad you had fun with your kids, wish more parents would take the time (she says as she is glued to the computer!)

  3. Our family loves Boggle. Girly Wirly writes down the letters that she knows. Little Man draws "pretend" letters while the rest of us duke it out nerd style. Glad your family had a great time.

  4. See...they are basically good kids...not that there won't be more bad days, but good days can sure make up for them.

  5. I love Life because typically my husband ends up with two car loads full of kids. Hmm, I suppose it hits a little close to home for our family ;)


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