Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Life is a beach!

Ahhh...there is something about perfectly lined up colorful lounge chairs that screams RELAX! I suppose, though, it should *whisper* relax because in screaming, all relaxation is lost. Oh well - it's MY thought process so go with it.

The beach was wonderful. We arrived Friday afternoon and, as we were unloading our car, my brother and his family arrived. NONE of the kids were nearly as surprised as we were expecting/hoping they would be but they were happy nonetheless. Once we unpacked, it was down to the beach for the women and kids while the men went grocery shopping. Then, they joined us at the beach for a bit before we decided to order pizza for dinner. Everyone was travel weary so it was best not to try to go out. We did, however, go out for ice cream, though. In fact, we made a point to go out for ice cream every single day we were there. That's one of our things when we go to the beach. We must get ice cream daily!

Overall, the whole trip went well despite attempts by both The Boy and The Girl to ruin it completely. They were amazingly ugly toward each other and completely ungrateful and, at times, rude to us - especially after we dropped a significant amount of money at MagiQuest, which, if you ask me, was hysterical and annoying all at once. It was funny to see all these grown men and women dressed as though they'd just stepped out of a Dungeons and Dragons game, but it was annoying to try to solve the riddles for the kids so they could earn their thingys.

The weather was beautiful and the temperatures were great. The air was not too hot and the water was nice and warm. It was slightly overcast one morning but it cleared off and we were able to swim both in the ocean and in the pool every single day. I think my favorite parts were listening to the waves, sitting on the balcony, and being able to be outside and not get mosquito bites! Oh - and...we saw dolphins! It was the first time in all our trips that we'd seen them and it was so neat.

We got back yesterday afternoon and, as I said then, were completely exhausted. We're still catching up on sleep...I had to wake everyone this morning at 8:30 because the cleaning lady was coming at 9 and we could not all still be in bed!


  1. Sounds wonderful!!! Glad you could enjoy a great vacation! Eh, kids will be kids right?

  2. Glad you enjoyed your time at the beach! We're beachside this week and really having a blast!!

  3. Pah! Ungrateful children!! Perhaps next time you could have them do the spending and you cold go crazy in the themepark type place?!?

    Thanks for coming to visit Trash Towers today.

  4. thanks for stopping by my blog! hope you'll visit again soon!


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