Friday, August 1, 2008

A Very Pleasant Surprise

Yesterday, The Husband joined me at The Girl's gymnastics practice. He had taken the day off work to go with me to the doctor. We were sitting in the bleachers watching The Girl. The Boy had gone off to play (there were several young children there).

At one point, The Husband and I noticed The Boy speaking with an older gentleman. The Boy seemed quite earnest and serious. He and the man were looking at a Powerade bottle so our thoughts immediately went to "Oh no! He's not explaining the horrors of high fructose corn syrup to that man is he?!" Because The Boy? He knows these things. He knows all about the ills of partially hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup. We've recently taken a huge step toward eating better and now avoid those ingredients, as well as meats and other animal products produced with antibiotics and hormones.

Fast forward a good half-hour or so. Again, The Husband and I are sitting there watching The Girl. The gentleman comes over and asks if we are The Boy's parents. Immediately, we look at each other and think "Oh no! What has he done?" (Can you tell we've been asked this before?!). We hesitantly say yes and he proceeds to tell us what a wonderful young man The Boy is. This gentleman does not know us but had such pleasant things to say! The Husband and I were dumbfounded for a moment. We graciously thanked the gentleman and he walked away.

What an amazing moment! Incidentally, we later asked The Boy what he was telling the man about the Powerade. It turns out he was explaining (or, perhaps, extolling the virtues of) the My Coke Rewards program!


  1. LOL don't you LOVE it when the older crowd compliments you on your kids?! I sure do!

    Thanks for stopping by & commenting on my Spot this morning!

  2. That's so lovely when someone says something really nice about your child. And usually unexpected! Good jobs on the parenting!

  3. ROTFL! Our kids must be related! That would have been Lord Humble! Isn't it great watching your children grow?

  4. HI thanks for the comment on my blog. Yes Jekyll Island is down in Brunwick. It is before St. Simmons Island. I love St Simmons and JeKyll Equally.


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