Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The day after

So, overall, yesterday was a pretty darned good day. The most ironic thing that happened, though, was that when my alarm went off, the song playing was "Celebration" and I had to giggle right then.

Another really great thing happened at work. In order to get into where I work, I have to walk through a grassy area, which is fine. When it rains, though, it is a very muddy area. Yesterday, the entry was repaired and it's NO MORE MUD for me! I was surrounded by well-wishers, too, so that was nice.

I'd love to say that the kids were super well behaved as an additional gift to me but then I'd be lying and I really don't want to go there! They were their normal fighting selves. I swear, if they *didn't* fight, I'd worry something was wrong with them!

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  1. My kids are SO the same! I'm glad you had a wonderful day :)


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