Friday, October 10, 2008

Keeping up with friends

Maybe it was just coincidence...I don't know...but I just read Martini Molly's post for today. I suppose it is somewhat ironic that I read the post just as I hung up the phone with one of my very best friends.

This girl woman has known me ALL MY LIFE! I've never written about her before, which is a shame. I refer to her as a girl, I suppose, because, as I said, we've known each other forever...I think we were around 6-mo-old when we "met" - if it took our parents that long! We grew up across the street from each other until I moved away when I was almost 16. Of course, our friendship was not quite the same after I moved, but we remained close. She became the friend with whom I could go weeks...months...perhaps even a year without speaking and yet, when we were on the phone, the time melted away. Our lives went in drastically different directions but we ended up so very similar! Funny how life does that sometimes!

She called to ask how my birthday went and to wish me many more. We chatted for about an hour! It was is ALWAYS wonderful to chat with her but we're both so busy we have a hard time finding time. I'm hoping, now, that I can find the time to see her again's been many years since we've seen each other - far too long!

I don't know why I wrote this post except that, like Molly, I was filled with emotion. I wanted to share my happiness.

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