Monday, October 13, 2008

Not your typical Monday

So I really don't have a whole lot to say today but I can't let a good bit of time go unwasted unproductive. Lucky you!

Today was not your typical Monday. I had a good day...not just an OK day, but a good day. Things at work ran pretty smoothly. I only got really aggravated once but it was short lived and was followed by a very pleasant lunch. Actually, lunch is one of my favorite times of the day - and not for the obvious reasons. Lately, a colleague and I have been having lunch on our own together. She recently learned she has Celiac Disease so her lunch menu is limited. We have taken to bringing picnic type foods that we stock in the fridge so there is no need to pack a lunch every day (or run out - for which there is NEVER time!). One day, another friend of ours made homemade chicken soup with gluten-free noodles. THAT was a treat!

Another good thing that happened today is that the folks over at From*me Tees sent me an email. Apparently, they had sent me an email when I first notified them of the crooked T but I never received it. They saw my post from yesterday and sent another nice note and it made me smile.

So...happy Monday, everyone! Hope you have a great week...and I hope today set the tone for the rest of my week!


  1. Oh that is cool about the shirt! Must be a small company LOL Hope your week continues to go smooth!

  2. Celiacs is not fun, I know your friend has to be struggling with making good food choices. My husbands family has a very high rate of colon cancer and they are finding that alot of people that have colon cancer also have celiacs.


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