Saturday, October 4, 2008

Still Undefeated...and a visitor

Whew, I've been busy! Sorry about that but sometimes, life just gets in the way of blogging. Hate when that happens!

It's been a full week and there is a whole lot going on. First off, Flat Stanley has come for a visit. He arrived last week and boy were we excited to show him around. I took him to work with me on Monday. Most of the people knew who he was. I even got my boss to pose for a photo with Stanley, although I'm 99% certain he had NO CLUE who Stanley was, despite his having four kids of his own. He just smiled and went along with it...he's used to my being a bit odd (fancy that!).

After Monday, my week became a bit hectic - what with the holiday and all. The kids were very well behaved at the synagogue. We had a children's service first but, being the mean mommy I am, I made my kids stay for the normal service. I was the ONLY parent who did that, too, which struck me as odd. Anyway, they were well-behaved and that always pleases me. Because of the holiday, the kids missed school, so there was make-up work to be done and all sorts of other things. Next thing I knew, it was Friday! Whew! I have a big deadline coming up at work next week, so I've been swamped as well (and, let's face it...I should be working right now but I'm not!).

Last night we went out and were walking through a parking lot. There were bright lights around us and The Girl made an observation. She saw three shadows of herself. She informed us that she could tell the time by the shadows. In fact, there were three shadows on the ground. She told us they determined the hour, minute, and second! We're so proud of her...she's going to MIT or Harvard for sure!

This morning, The Boy had another game. We were all a bit worried about this one because (1) they were undefeated to date; and (2) this team can be pretty darned good. The beginning of the game was a bit rough, but in the end, they prevailed. The final score was 16-0. The boys scored two touchdowns and a safety. And...Stanley came to the game. If I knew how to "pull focus," this would have been an awesome shot!

He cheered with the rest of us and even rang the cowbell!

So now, The Boy's team is 3 and 0. We are half-way through the season and their team is the only undefeated team. There is only one team they have not played and that team has yet to win a game. Pressure is on for next week...we don't want the boys to get too confident and not play their best next week. Wish 'em luck!


  1. Congrats on being undefeated - we're still unvictorius. Let's hear it for a perfect record.:)

  2. LMAO I'm cracking up at Flat Stanley at the game. I had to show my daughter because she did that last year. Congrats on the victory too :)


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