Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Will Miracles Never Cease?!

This summer, we went to VA for the 4th of July. It is something we've done somewhat regularly for the past seven years, as my nephew shares a birthday with Uncle Sam. We always stay at the same hotel and the people in the restaurant know us. When they see one member of the family, they expect ALL of us to show. It's really nice and heart-warming.

This year, The Boy and The Husband were in the weight room while the rest of us went swimming. They showed up at the pool and informed me that The Boy had chipped his tooth with the bar on one of the machines. It was not major but he chipped the corner of his front tooth. We told him we'd get it fixed soon.

He rarely mentioned his tooth and so I forgot about it. Every so often, he'd say "Mom! When are you going to get my tooth fixed?" and I'd remember but the something would come up. Keep in mind, we moved here about a year ago, so we do not have a local dentist yet. I kept meaning to get one but didn't know who took our insurance and all that jazz.

I *finally* took the time to find a dentist (one who came highly recommended, too) and took The Boy to have his teeth cleaned and repaired.

Oh! My! God!

I could not believe how WELL BEHAVED and easy going The Boy was! The Boy is a total freaking drama queen slightly prone to histrionic behavior, so I was expecting this to be a nightmare...and at first, he was completely true to form. When the woman tried to take the side x-rays of his mouth, he pulled that stupid gagging crap coughed and spit out the film. After two tries, she said "Let's do the front x-rays first, OK?"

I don't know what happened when she took those two x-rays because from that moment on, The Boy was the perfect dental patient. He never gagged, cried, whined or anything. He had his teeth cleaned (and, I'll be honest...scraped too). He did not complain about the fluoride until the last 8 seconds or so. He was AMAZING when they put sealer on 4 of his teeth - and did not complain once about having to hold his mouth open all that time. He didn't even flinch when the dentist came in to repair the chip either. He took it like a pro. And...after the sealer was on, he barely complained at all about how it felt. He mentioned it felt weird and he couldn't chomp down quite like normal (which we were told would continue for about a week and then feel perfectly normal again) but only once and that was all. Even the hygienist asked if he could stay the whole day...that she wished *all* her patients could be a wonderful as he!

I am so proud of The Boy...and the dentist did an amazing job on his tooth. It looks as though it was never chipped at all! We do have to be careful, though, because it is weaker and can (and probably will) chip again, so he can't eat one of his favorite foods - apples - without cutting them, but that will be OK!

Now...for The Girl's turn.............I haven't scheduled her appointment yet but I'm fearful it won't go as well! LOL!


  1. Sign my hubby up for the drama queen category -- the xrays make him gag too. LOL! So glad the visit went well! Going to the dentist with a child is never fun.

  2. He's just growing up...I am proud of him too!


  3. Wow! I'm impressed. WTG!

    We have been here 2 years and I still haven't found a dentist in town. I drive all the way back to where we moved from (45 minutes away.)


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