Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Things that make you go "Hmmmm"

The kids were out of school today, so I was home. I had plenty of work to do, but somehow, it didn't all get done...

I planned on getting caught up on all my blog reading today, too, but that didn't quite happen either...

I wanted to write a brilliant post about how incredibly awesome this weekend was - especially Saturday. I'm still holding out on that one. I know it's coming...

The kids and I are going out of town for the weekend (Fri - Mon) and I actually had to pack today because I know I won't have time the rest of the week!

Football is not over; The Boy is on the all-star team. Practices are Mon, Wed, AND Thurs nights till 8pm. The Girl, as you may recall, is in the gym Tues & Thurs till 5:45.

The Husband has to go away at the end of this week...he'll be gone Thurs - Sat (which means he cannot come out of town with the kids and I).

Remember The Girl is in the gym till 5:45 - and The Boy has practice from 5:30 - 8. Thursday is gonna suck!

I have a deadline at work that I know I will not make - and only part of it is "my fault."

I NEED A VACATION...sans kids!


OK - Saturday. The game was at 10am. When we got up at 8, it was still raining...ugh! We got dressed knowing it would clear off, but still - ugh! We packed a bunch of towels and stuff to dry the bleachers and a blanket to sit on. It cleared up and, luckily, I remembered to bring sun glasses. The Husband was not so smart and just as the game began, he yelled for me to go get his glasses from the car. I ended up giving him mine and sending The Girl to get his!

The game was awesome. We scored a touchdown almost immediately. The game is made up of 4 12-minute quarters. Here is the score at just over 5 minutes into the game!

That pretty much carried the tone of the whole game. Our 10-yr-olds were out of the game before halftime!

The other team scored and our boys were allowed back into the game. They let up a second touchdown but no extra points were scored. Here is one last picture of the scoreboard:

Saturday evening, one of the coaches hosted a cook-out/bonfire/party for the boys and their families. That was a ton of fun. For winning the championship game, the boys received the same medals they received last year...except the year was different. One of the moms felt that this year, the boys deserved trophies. The fact is, no other team has ever gone undefeated in this league...EVER! It was quite an accomplishment. At the bonfire, each boy was introduced (and ran through the fog machine fog) and given his trophy. The trophies state the boys are the UNDEFEATED Champions. There were also awards for the coaches (and I swear I saw a tear or two!). It was a great night that I know the boys will remember for years and years!



  1. That's great (about the game & bonfire, not about the upcoming practices).

    Have fun with the kiddos this weekend.

  2. Congrats! You have to be so proud! Good luck with the upcoming crazy...

  3. Congratulations! and yes! You do need a vacation!


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