Tuesday, December 23, 2008


One of the issues we suffer with is the dreaded WHEN. The Husband wants to do things but I keep putting him off. Every time he wants us to do something, I have some reason for us to wait - to put it off. It is one of the big things we'd been arguing over and something we discussed extensively the other day during our heart to heart.

Last night, we went out to dinner. We planned on going to a Thai place but it was closed, so we settled for Chinese. After dinner, our fortune cookies came. The Husband's fortune said, "If you don't have time to live your life now, when do you?" Wow. What amazing timing!

It should be noted that The Girl's said, "Fortune Not Found: Abort, Retry, Ignore?"!!!


  1. hehehe the chinese have a sense of humor!

  2. My all time favorite cookie said:

    Promote Literacy, buy more fortune cookies


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