Monday, December 8, 2008


Ahhh...the weekend ended and today it's back to life...back to reality! (Not a huge fan of the song but love that part!) The parade on Saturday was really great. The weather was rather nice - cool, but sunny, so that helped a lot! The Girl's group was lined up in the #21 position; The Boy was #42! The parade goes up one street and down another, so the Girl was on her way back down the other street before we saw The Boy! LOL! Still - it was a lot of fun.

I will have to give you some background before getting to the best part of the parade...

So, you know all about how awesome The Boy's football season was. Well, after the regular season, he was asked to play for the All-Stars. We agreed to allow him to play even though we were not particularly fond of the coach. This man had proven himself to be a complete and total ass the kind of coach we were not fond of time and again, but we knew it meant a lot to The Boy to be chosen and so we allowed him to play. (He was the head coach of the league rival team. This snippet is from Nov. 1st's post. There is a good amount of animosity between our team and our league rivals. The animosity has been exacerbated by our team winning both games this year. It came to a head when one of their coaches went so far as to question the manhood of one of our front of his wife and kids!! ) As the All-Star "season" progressed (it was all of two weeks), we learned some interesting things, not the least of which was that this was not a true All-Star team, but rather a team this particular coach put together with his own agenda. The team was made up of mostly his regular-season team with a few token players from the other teams. The games they played were not against other All-Star teams but other travelling teams (which explains why all the games were played locally!). Long story short, the "All-Star" team lost the first game and won the second, finishing 3rd in their tournament (although the coach told everyone they came in second...???).

Fast forward to last week. Remember when I first heard about The Boy being in the parade? Shortly thereafter, he was asked to march with the All-Star team. I told the coach he was already marching with his regular football team. The coach seemed surprised and said his All-Star team was the only team marching. OK...whatever.

When it was all said and done, it turned out that The Boy's team's float (because they're so cool they didn't have to actually MARCH...they had an amazing truck/float to ride - complete with banners) lined up DIRECTLY in front of the All-Star coach and team!

Karma! It's a bitch! The kids enjoyed the parade, even if the All-Star coach had some words!

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