Friday, February 20, 2009

No means NO!

I *just* got off the phone with The Girl's "boyfriend's" mom. She called to ask if The Girl could accompany this boy's family out this weekend.

Um...I already said no!

I calmly and politely explained that to us, this constituted a "date" of sorts and we were not going to allow that. She said it was a family thing and not really a date but she did (eventually) accept my answer.


I explained to the mom that The Girl should have already thanked the "boyfriend" but she said he had asked HER to call me and maybe I'd change my mind.




  1. Good grief... that's just six shades of weird!!!!

    Apparently they see this as okay???

  2. As a mother, I can't imagine trying to coax a girl's mom into letting her date my son! I like Lizzy's "six shades of weird" remark - too funny.

  3. If they are young enough to have a mom trying to set it up, why didn't the mom just call in the first place? The whole thing is weird!


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