Saturday, March 28, 2009

Because life was moving along too smoothly...

Today I had a perfectly craptastic morning. I had a lot to do and wanted to be sure I was not running late. The Husband is away this weekend, so I'm on my own. No problem. I used to do this ALL the time!

Today's schedule was a pretty easy one. The Girl had a gymnastics lesson at 9am. The Boy had his first baseball game at noon; however, since today was opening day, he had to be there at 10:30. I, of course, was not worried because it had been raining and the forecast was for more rain, so I knew the game would be cancelled...except, it wasn't. But, I digress. Let's back up.

I set my alarm for 7am because, as I said, I hate to be late. In fact, I'm pretty darned unreasonable when I am running late and I am prone to throwing complete tizzy fits over it. I know. Grow up. Whatever.

So, I wake up just after 7 and all is well. I wake the kids and I head to the kitchen to make a zone breakfast for us all. Luckily, I know exactly what it is I want to make. We are all on 3 blocks for breakfast because the kids were saying they were hungry. No problem. The Boy and I were having 2 eggs, 1 1/2 slices cheese, 1/2 pita bread, 1/2 apple, and 1/2 tbsp peanut butter. I, of course, was adding coffee, but I insist that regardless of the fact that I add some skim milk to my coffee, it does not count as anything EVER. The girl was having something similar, but no cheese...

I made The Boy's sandwich and was refilling the olive oil jar when I managed to knock it off the counter. I suppose I should mention here that it was a glass bottle and we have ceramic tile floors. The bottle shattered and there was olive oil EVERYWHERE. I knew this was a huge mess, and, quite frankly, did not even know where or how to begin cleaning. I went to pick up the glass first and promptly cut my finger. Then, I had my second tantrum.

I started sweeping up the glass and then tried to mop up the oil. At that moment, The Husband called. While bitching talking to him, I filled a bucked with water. I was going to spray some grease fighting spray on the floor and try to wipe it up. I hung up with The Husband and promptly dropped my cell phone into the bucket of clean water. I grabbed it out, opened it, put it on a towel and proceeded with my third tantrum of the day. I called The Husband back on the land-line to bitch and swear tell him my day was already getting worse when I realized it was already 8am and I hadn't even showered yet...much less cleaned the mess. Remember - The Girl was to be AT the gym at 9am.

The Girl scrambled herself some eggs while I cleaned what I could, threw on clothes, and gulped my coffee. I grabbed an Odwalla bar for breakfast and we ran out the door.

My phone was working all day, and to some degree, it still does; however, only for texting and internet, because when I tried to call my MIL, we both heard static and she could not hear me talking to her. The Husband pointed out (when I spoke to him this morning) that I *did* want a new cell phone...!

Despite my best efforts, the floor is still slick and oily. I have been told to try Oil Dri or kitty litter but since we don't have a cat and therefore, no litter, and this is my kitchen, I am doing neither. My mother-in-law suggested I pour some corn starch on it tonight before I go to bed and then try to clean it again in the morning. I think I'm going to try that.

Incidentally, The Girl had a really good lesson and we made it to The Boy's game with time to spare. The Boy's team won their game; he played pretty well too. He had 3 at bats: 1 walk, 1 strike-out, and 1 hit that was somewhat of a pop-up and was caught. He fielded well too.

We have not done well keeping to the zone plan today because we did not get home till 2:30pm, but we've tried. Dinner will be zone-ish.

I'm ready for long as it is nothing like today!

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  1. Ugh! Sounds like you should have stayed in bed. So did the cornstarch work for the oil? What a pita. I hate when they put things in glass containers that go in the kitchen. We have a jar of jelly I am always worried about dropping in the morning...


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