Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Home again

I am home again today...this time, with The Girl.

You know, I really shouldn't complain. Our kids are relatively healthy and they rarely get sick, but this is the pits!! It started last week with The Boy. Then, The Husband was sick...no fever, but flu-like symptoms that kept him home a few days. Now, it's The Girl. The Husband had to deal with her yesterday because I hadn't had time to make any sub plans. Today, I have her. Her fever keeps going up and down...99 to 104 and back again. She's not going to school tomorrow since she woke up this morning at 103/104. Now, she's 101. I *can* take another day, but I hate being out. It's such a pain!

Of course, I am able to catch up on all my blog reading and facebook playing, so that's an added benefit. I realize I *should* be packing and grading papers and the such, but since it looks like I'll be the one staying home again tomorrow, why bother working so hard?!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Too bad I've no reason to wear green...not going out today!


  1. I hope the Girl feels better and that you don't catch it! My youngest son has it, but keeps complaining of earaches so we are heading to the Dr. The packing will be there tomorrow, so enjoy your day off.

  2. She'll be better soon! What you don't get packed, you can pitch and start over again (what fun)!


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