Sunday, April 5, 2009

Phase 1 of "The Big Move"

OK - so I know I've been scarce. And, the thing is, it's going to get worse before it gets better. Sorry.

Yesterday, we had a small yard sale. We did well enough. The few things we have left fit easily in the back of my car and are headed off to the donation center as soon as I get my butt there (easier said than done!).

After the sale, we loaded up the small trailer. The Husband did an awesome job loading and The Boy was a huge help. The Husband left this morning to take the trailer to a storage unit where we are moving. Our house is currently occupied and the renters are there till mid-May. This was no biggie until we found out The Husband had to start work in May and not in July as we'd expected!

Anyway, The Husband is off-loading the trailer tomorrow, picking up his mom, and they are both headed back tomorrow. Then, they will pack all week while I am at work. Friday, we load the big truck and Saturday, we all leave. This will be Phase 2. Once Phase 2 is complete, we move into Phase 3, where we come back here, clean the house, and move the few belongings we've left behind into a condo, where we will stay until school gets out. Phase 4 will be when The Husband moves all our stuff OUT of storage and into our house. The final phase of the move will be when we all move into our house together! PHEW!

Once we hit Phase 3, my pc time will be EXTREMELY limited as we are only allowed dial-up from the condo. My plan is to somehow use my cell phone to get the laptop online but that will only work with The Husband's computer and not the OLD, OLD, OLD one that I get to use. I haven't approached him about leaving his new laptop with me when he starts back to work; he's very particular about his laptop! We'll see...

So - I won't be posting much, but know that my life is in an extremely chaotic state and think of me (and feel free to take pity on me)! I promise once we complete the move in its entirety, I'll be back online regularly.

Till then, ciao!

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