Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Spider Bite from Hell!

It's been quite a month here, in my world, but we're all doing well. Thank you to those who reached out to make sure we were all well. It meant a lot to me us.

While one would think my spider bite from hell was cured and all, that would be an incorrect assumption. Why? Because it's me we're talking about. After that initial visit, when the abscess was drained and the cyst removed, I went back to the doctor every three days to have the wound repacked. It wasn't until my fourth visit that the doctor said he was not going to repack me. Then, I kissed him. OK. I'm lying, but I sure felt like kissing him! He also started me on a new antibiotic since I'd taken the last of the first round that morning. I was to wait three days before starting the next round. He also gave me a topical antibiotic (which turned out to be the same one the very first doctor gave me when he sent me on my way). This was last Tuesday. I started the new antibiotics on Friday.

Monday afternoon, I noticed a bump on my left arm that was kind of itchy. In fact, my whole arm was splotchy. I figured it was because I was supposed to be avoiding exposure to sunlight and prolonged exposure to artificial light. I was driving and I thought it was from the sun shining down on my arm. I ignored it.

By Tuesday, there was no more ignoring...I was pretty sure it was hives. Wednesday, I was sure of whole left arm, part of my right arm, and both my legs were covered in hives. Because I needed more drama.

I have stopped the antibiotics and am now taking benedryl, which is hysterical, but that's besides the point. Benedryl does not knock me out immediately; I can go full steam for about three hours after I take it. Then, I crash. No matter where I am! Gotta be careful of that! Strange things can happen.

I'm hoping to be itch free by tomorrow. I've been antibiotic free since yesterday morning, so hopefully, I'll be cleared up by then?! I got the bite at the end of June and I'd really like for all the side effects to be finished before August!


  1. Wow, it's awful how long this is being drawn out! :( I hope it all heals very quickly...enough ER visits!

  2. Sorry you're having such a rough time. Hope everything's back to normal soon.

  3. Sheesh hon...that is NOT good! Hope it starts to get better!!!

  4. Was it a radioactive spider? Do you have "spidey senses" now? Can you shoot webs from your wrists or climb walls?

    Just checking.


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