Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Whirlwind weekend away...and new friends

Friday afternoon, I went to Nichole's house. We left for the airport almost immediately, where we picked up two of her other friends, Dawn and Michelle. Then, we headed out to dinner at a swanky restaurant where we met two more ladies. The restaurant was really neat and clearly a trendy place (which is probably why I'd never been there!) The food was really good and the conversation was wonderful. From there, we headed to a dueling piano bar, which was a lot of fun. We found seats in the middle and laughed a lot. At one point, my phone rang so I had to go to the restroom to hear it. When I came back, one of the ladies in our group was up on the stage dancing! It was hysterical. After the piano bar, we headed to another bar, which wasn't all that bad because we were able to go upstairs and sit on the rooftop bar. The cigarette smoke was NOT bad because it was all open. (There was no smoking in the piano bar). We hung there for a short while and then headed back home...we had an hour drive ahead of us and none of us are used to staying up so late!

Saturday morning, we woke up and had coffee on Nichole's screened-in porch. Then, Nichole made an amazing breakfast of French toast (with Grand-Marnier and a fruit compote). After breakfast, we just hung around and chatted. It was warmer than I'd expected and I did not bring shorts, so I quickly ran home to shower grab some shorts. Then, we headed out for what was supposed to be tea and a sweet snack, but ended up being a full blown lunch! After lunch, we stopped at the local scrapbook store and then headed out to see the property she and her husband just purchased. It was beautiful (except I think I have chiggers now...I'm awfully itchy!) We headed back to the house and sat around chatting...and getting to know each other better. We decided to have a light dinner and we all set about helping out with that. After dinner, we sat in the screened porch and talked and laughed until we could no longer keep our eyes open. I quit at 1am, but the other three gals stayed up till 2!

Sunday morning was another lazy morning. We had another amazing breakfast and then decided to head up to Nichole's craft studio and make some cards. It was awfully intimidating for me; these other two women are on Nichole's senior design team and are absolutely brilliant. They are both published regularly and one even designs stamp sets for Nichole's company! Nevertheless, I dug in and managed to produce two decent cards. I have no photos, but I’m hoping to get some via email! I didn’t bring my camera with me and am relying on my new friends to hook me up with some of the hilarious photos from the weekend.

Again, the laughter was overwhelming and my mouth hurt all day from it! We worked through lunch (we'd had a late breakfast) and then decided to start dinner, which, again, was amazing. After dinner, there was much chatting and laughter yet again. Suddenly, it was midnight again and time for bed. Dawn and Michelle had an 11am flight in the morning, so Nichole had to leave her house no later than 8:30am to get them to the airport on time. That being decided, I decided to head home. I felt it was best if I could cut down on the number of people fighting for a bathroom when time was an issue! I got home shortly after midnight. Luckily, I could sleep in some (till 8:30) but I later took a nap! I have a feeling it will take me a bit longer to catch up on my sleep!

30th birthdays don’t come more than once, but I would LOVE another weekend with these amazing ladies! Both Dawn and Michelle are so amazingly sweet and I'm so glad I was afforded the opportunity to meet and get to know them!


  1. HIIIIIIIIII WENDY! What a great recap of the weekend. I had such a great time. Good friends are hard to find...and I could tell in one day, heck one hour, that YOU are a good friend. I'm so glad I got to meet you. My cheeks are all smiley just thinking about our weekend. I will never forget all the laughs. I think you should wear pig tails more often too. Thanks for the good time! Mish

  2. Glad you girls had a good time. I love piano bars - so fun.

  3. Heehee......had fun reading your recap, Girly! It was such a great weekend, wasn't it?! I have photos to email you but no email address! Can you email me so I can send you photos? (email link is on my blog)

    Have a goodie!


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