Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Day!

Today we have a snowday! Actually, a LOT of people have snow days today! The Boy and The Girl have had several so far this year. My school is extremely hesitant to call a snow day so it is only my second one, despite less than great road conditions! Other schools in the area are at the make-up day point; they've gone over their built-in number of days (which, around here, is pretty low). Still, I'm not entirely sure my children have had a full week of school since we returned from Christmas break!

On our agenda today is snowman building, sledding on a boogie board (what can I say...we don't own a sled. This is the south, remember?!), and hot cocoa. Oh - and don't forget the fire in the fireplace. That would be nice too!

The Husband is at work but planning a very short day and we're hoping he'll be home by noon. Then, the snowball war fight will begin. It's all fun and games till someone puts an eye out!

Hope you're enjoying whatever Mother Nature has left for you this morning!


  1. Enjoy your day off...we are waiting for the snow up here! Hope your father makes it home!

  2. I'm glad you're enjoying the snow - please keep it there. Thanks.


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