Monday, March 22, 2010

An Unexpected Surprise

Our days are busy. VERY busy. Actually, if you want to get technical, our evenings are busy; our days are pretty normal. The Kids' activities take up a significant amount of time each and every day. The Girl goes to gymnastics three evenings/week for 3 hours each and will soon be going four days/week. The Boy has baseball nearly every night - either practice or a game. Practices are usually 2 1/2 hours long; games are usually 2 hours.

Tonight, we had a nice surprise. The Girl does not have practice tonight and The Boy's game was cancelled. In addition, The Boy did not have practice.

We had an evening at home!!!
Will miracles never cease?!

So, what did we do with ourselves? Well, we hardly knew what to do. The cleaning lady had come today, so the house is all tidy, we did all the laundry yesterday, and the lawn is not ready to be mowed yet.

We relaxed! Actually, I did some work, but I enjoyed it. Then, we cooked and ate dinner before 8pm! That is an extreme rarity, especially since The Girl doesn't finish at the gym until 8pm...we are not home before 8:30, and being the crazy mom I am, I insist we wait until she is home to have dinner - because, despite our crazy and hectic schedule, we always sit down to dinner TOGETHER...every night, no matter how late it is.

So here it is, 9:00pm, and both kids are in bed, the dishes are in the dishwasher, and The Husband and I are off to watch some TV and spend some time together.

Enjoy your evening...our hectic lives resume tomorrow evening!


  1. Yay for nights at home. Glad you got to unwind a bit.

  2. Singing to the choir sister! Sometimes I wonder if I've enrolled my kids in too many after school activities? It's hard to decide which ones are more important than others when you think of the benefits each can have.


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