Monday, April 26, 2010

Plastic Surgery

It's not that we are planning this, per se. It's just that if we continue at this rate, it's going to happen!

The Girl is accident prone. For whatever reason, a good number of her accidents happen to her face.

First, it was 10 stitches after the dog bite. That happened way back in 2005. Well, technically, one can say 2004, because it happened New Year's Eve.

The scar healed VERY nicely, thanks to the Neosporin Scar Solution patches. Those things, if you don't already know, are amazing! I mean, you can still see the scars, but you have to LOOK for them. I'd show ya but I don't really have any good pix of that side of her face.

The next incident happened in 2006, but I can't be sure. It may have been the summer of 2005. That was after playing some sort of Batman meets PowerRangers in which one certain little girl flew into a coffee table. That particular "flight" cost The Girl 3 stitches just below the eyebrow on her right eye. I can't find any pix of that one either.

The most recent facial incident did NOT result in stitches (luckily)! This time, The Girl was playing with a glow-in-the-dark ball at someone's house. One of the kids opened a dresser drawer; however, in the dark, no one noticed...until The Girl did. She noticed with her face. She now has a LOVELY scratch that goes across the bridge of her nose and under her right eye. She looks like she got into a fight with a cat...or two...or three!

Again, it's not like we ever planned on her having plastic surgery, but I think she's doing her best to make it happen!


  1. Poor thing! Glad no hospital visit was required for this one.
    Hope y'all are doing well, otherwise.

  2. AW...they give her CHARACTER!


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