Monday, May 31, 2010

Adventures in Farming - Chapter 2

We went back up to the farm for a bit this weekend. I was only there one day; The Husband was there for two. There is a LOT of mowing to do!! It's amazing.

We spent time on Friday deciding where the driveway and future house will go. The driveway off the road was started LONG ago and is set.

We also now have a door on the shed/barn. We are pretty excited about this because it means we will no longer have to drive the tractor through town when we want to use it!
Here is the rest of the driveway...although we think we are actually going to move it to behind the clump of bushes you see in the distance ( the left, I guess, not behind!).

Here is what it looked like after The Husband mowed the entire house site.
It's really hard to see and the perspective is awful, but this is sort of where the house will go. I tried to outline it but I can't draw a straight line to save my life!
Originally, we were going to take down the grain bin, but it has become my FAVORITE feature on the property. I just LOVE it. We have no idea what we are going to do with it, but it BELONGS there!
If all else fails, we won't starve. There are already blackberries growing (that is the clump The Husband mowed around). Hopefully we will get some before the deer eat them!

We had our first visitor to the property. Actually, if all is fair, he was probably there first. He's pretty lucky, too, because we didn't find him until after The Husband mowed.
Even luckier is this little guy. It's amazing he survived the bush-hog. We are fairly certain he's a quail, in which case, The Husband wants to be sure he grows he can be shot and eaten?! Ugh!
He clearly has a few thoughts about THAT idea!!

Until next time...
And don't forget to thank a veteran if you are out and about today! It is because of them we have our freedoms!


  1. How great! I can't wait to see more progress as you get things done. As for the visitors - I have a feeling you'll be having a lot more in the future. Those two looked kind of tame - not so sure about others out there.

  2. So you ARE going into animl husbandry afterall...raising turtles for soup, and quail for the main dish!

  3. Thanks for sharing Wendy! Looking forward to many more posts about the house and farm.


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