Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Open letter to clothing manufacturers...

Dear Women's Clothing Manufacturers:

While I am rather pleased with the fact that I have, over the past year and a half, lost about 10 - 15 lbs, I do not appreciate the tricks you are playing on me. I know I am somewhat smaller than I used to be, but this tom-foolery has got to stop.

Several months ago, after some coaxing from a friend, I decided to try a pair of jeans in a size 10. Imagine my surprise when I saw they fit. As I said, I'd lost some weight, so it wasn't a shock, per se, but a happy surprise. Not long after, I purchased two pair of jeans in a size 8. My neighbor handed me a pair that was a size 6 and my jaw dropped when I slipped them on with ease. I have not worn a size 6 since sometime in high school!

Last week, I purchased five new pair of capri pants; two pair are size 8 and three are size 6. Not to be fooled by your silly sizing tactics, I decided to do some investigating.

I took my new size 6 slacks and held them up to some other slacks that are a size 12.


Ok - not exactly...but no more than an inch different. The waist of the 8s is larger than that of a size 12 skirt I have had for years.

Do you really believe, Manufacturers, that we women are so shallow that we will be fooled by this new size system?!

I thought so.

Sincerely a six,


  1. 10-15lbs? Nice! You must have sent them over here because that's about the same amount I've gained.

  2. Bravo for putting it out there for everyone to see...and here is your confirmation, I used to be a FIT model for several clothing manufacturers, and one in particular had a pair of pants that we worked on for weeks to perfect the fit. Now when me the size 8 came in to work the next day and my boss asked my how I would like to be a 6, I was thrilled! You mean I get to be a size smaller and not diet? He stated that the pants were a great fit, but he felt that if we lowered the size ticket they would sell faster, and boy was he right! I will admit I do like buying the smaller size, but I am not kidding anyone when the scale does not change :)


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