Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sports Recap

Wow! What a weekend! We went nonstop all weekend long and the results are positive!

We started our weekend with our usual double-dose of practices; The Boy had football practice while The Girl had gymnastics. The Boy's practice was a walk-through - shorts, t-shirts, and helmets. Because The Boy had tweaked his neck Thursday night, he did not wear his helmet Friday. They had a great practice. The Girl said her practice wasn't particularly good, which concerned us because she had a competition Saturday.

Saturday morning, I took The Girl back to the gym for practice. It was not necessary, but she wanted to go and her competition did not start until almost 8pm, so her working out in the morning was not likely to be a problem. After dropping The Girl, I came home to get The Boy and we all took off to the football game.

The game was extremely stressful; it was close, but in the end, our boys didn't have quite enough for the win. The final score was 24 - 20; it was a heartbreaking loss. I have never seen our boys play with so much heart. During the fourth quarter, The Boy scored two of our team's three touchdowns. That was so incredibly exciting, I cannot express it. He had even told us Saturday morning he was determined to score a touchdown! A friend had brought The Girl from the gym to the football game just in time to see The Boy score the first of his two touchdowns. THAT was pretty cool, too.

After the game (and lunch!), we all came home and napped. We were only half-finished with our day! We headed out to The Girl's competition. They were running a tad bit late, but it wasn't too bad. This was a huge competition for The Girl because she just moved up from Level 4 last year to Level 5 this year. If you don't know about gymnastics, it is a *huge* jump. We were hoping for the best because we knew The Girl had really worked hard and her practice Saturday morning was awesome.

They began on beam. In practice on Friday, one of the coaches (who is a trained judge) scored The Girl's routine at a 7.1. Last night, however, she managed an 8.5! After that, they moved to floor. The Girl scored a 7.9 on floor; although her tumbling and such were good, she messed up her pattern (meaning she wasn't always going the right direction and such), and that cost her. Next came vault. This is the first level for vaulting on the actual vault platform. The Girl scored an 8.650. We were so happy! Finally, they moved on to bars. During her warm-up, she could *not* get her feet onto the low bar in order to reach up to the high bar. I was truly sick to my stomach watching her because I was so sure she was going to fall. Luckily, when it counted, she hit it! Her score on bars was 7.9 for a total AA (all around) score of 32.950. She was bummed she did not score even one 9, but this was the first meet and I have a feeling she will improve next time.

Next weekend should prove relaxing as there is only a football game and gymnastics practice to deal with on Saturday!

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  1. Good job on the game & tell the Girl those 9's will come - there's plenty of time.


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