Friday, September 17, 2010

Whirlwind of activity

I'm finally here to write a post! I know - shocking, but true!

It's been a good two weeks since I've written a real post and I do have plenty to write about!

First off, it's FOOTBALL season! We are all pretty excited about that. As you all know, we're huge football fans here. The Boy is playing middle school ball again this year. Their team is pretty small, so he is playing ALL over the place! This year, he is playing linebacker, wide receiver, and is also on special teams as a punt receiver, and anything else they can think of having him do. Poor kid will not come off the field all game...and it's a long game. They play 10 minute quarters. Technically, the season has not started because the jamboree was cancelled (rain).

Gymnastics competition season is beginning too. The Girl has her first competition next weekend. She is competing both Compulsory level 5 and Prep-Op Gold this year. What that means is that she will have ten competitions this year beginning next week and lasting through March. She is most excited about doing Prep-Op because she was able to choose her own music for her floor routine and she will also have her own beam routine.

Tonight night is the Homecoming game at the kids' school and they're pretty excited. This past week was spirit week and there was a WHOLE LOT of spirit around here. The Girl's favorite day was pajama day, but who can blame her? It'd be mine too! In fact, I'm wondering if they do that at my school! Of course, the culmination of Homecoming week is the homecoming dance. The kids' school has a middle school dance as well as a high school dance. Last year, The Boy went. This year, The Girl is beside herself with excitement over the dance. She has been asked by three different boys, although she believes the first two were just joking around (they're all good friends) so she did not take them seriously. The last boy was serious, but we told her we thought it would be best for her to go with friends; we are not ready for her to go on a "date" yet!

Dress shopping for The Girl was a task! She is pretty small, so finding a dress that is appropriate for homecoming, but still fits her was no small task! We went shopping about two weeks ago and I swear, The Girl tried on at least 20 dresses! She finally found one we all liked. Many of the dresses are strapless this year, and I'm not entirely comfortable with that...especially when you consider I had no time to get a dress altered for her and almost nothing was small enough! She ended up with a cute teal dress with spaghetti straps. It is still a tiny bit big (we could find nothing xs or size 0/1), but with the straps, it's good.

That is all for now. I promise to try to post least weekly, since we have football games and competitions coming up.

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  1. I know what you mean - I haven't had much time to post or comment - sorry about that.
    Yay for football season - love it. We're doing fall baseball & travel baseball. Two teams = double the fun. Yay for competition season. G's competing level 5 this year & has a compulsory clinic on the 25th & competitions start the last two weeks in Oct. More fun!
    Take some time to relax in there & enjoy your weekend.


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