Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Open Letter

Dear Person Who Keeps Calling My House,

If you really want to speak with me - or anyone else in my home, you must do one of two things. Either you must STOP calling from a RESTRICTED number, or you must LEAVE A MESSAGE.

I've always felt if it was important, you'd call back...and you do. Daily. Several times daily, in fact. Nevertheless, I expect you to leave me a message. I will not answer the phone blindly...those days went out long ago - just after caller ID was invented.

If you are selling something, I don't want it. If you are asking for charity, go elsewhere. I will choose charities on my own. If you have another reason, LEAVE A MESSAGE. If I determine it is important, I will call you back!


  1. I think I must have the same caller! Someone keeps calling my cell phone before 6am! Never leave a message and their number is marked private! I now keep my phone of vibrate.

  2. If this works let me know and I'll post it on my blog!


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