Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The blondist redhead alive!

It's official. Underneath that beautiful red hair, The Girl is blonde - even more than I am!

This evening, we were out to dinner with some friends, one of whom is now her cheer coach. First, the coach showed me (on her phone) a picture of next year's cheer uniforms. The Girl's first question: "Is that the top or the skirt?"

Really? REALLY? 'Cause skirts now come with v-necks and arm holes, ya know.

Just sayin...

Then we were talking about last year's uniforms. The girls will have those and the new ones this year so they each will have two. The returning girls will get their old uniforms back - or first pick if they need a new size. The new cheerleaders will then get their uniforms. The Girl is rather small, so I asked the coach who was the smallest girl to move up.

The Girl answers that it was one of her classmates.
I just looked at her.
"Moved up!" I said.
"What? Moved where?" she asked.
"MOVED UP!" I answered.
"Who moved?" she asked.

By now, the cheer coach was surely rethinking choosing The Girl for the squad! We explained what we were saying. The evening continued much along those lines. I offered to let the cheer coach take The Girl home for the night if she wanted. Shockingly, she said no thanks!

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