Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rapture Party

Last night, we had a house FULL!! Just as school ended, The Girl asked if she could go with a friend. I said yes, as long as she would be back at school by 7pm. That wasn't going to work out, so The Girl reluctantly came home from school on time. At 5:30, The Boy has basketball practice. The Girl called another friend and plans were made to spend the night together.

After basketball, we went to another friend's baseball game. The Girl's friend met us there. So did two of The Boy's friends. By the end of the game, the plan was hatched for ALL of them, plus the boy whose game we were watching, to spend the night at our house!

I have NO idea when the boys went to sleep; the girls went to sleep around 2! I went to sleep around midnight!

Tonight, we are going to a friend's for dinner, but coming home to go to sleep at a reasonable time!! All this planning for the end of time gets exhausting, you know! ;)

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