Monday, February 13, 2012

Family NOT SO Fun Day...

I suppose we all knew that EVENTUALLY, one of these "Family Fun Days" was going to be not so much fun. I mean, with a name like "Family Fun Day," nothing could possibly go wrong...right? RIGHT?

Thought so.

SO...our family fun day this week started out with my forgetting the bar oil for the chain saw. The Husband was pretty miffed that I did this because it meant we could only run the chain saw through ONE tank of gas. Except (yes, I already said "except") that The Husband forgot to grab the tool that tightens the chain, and anyone who owns a chain saw knows that the chain in-explicitly loosens while sitting and NOT DOING ANYTHING. Our chain saw was useless.

I was not in the least bit deterred by this. I knew we had gathered plenty of smaller pieces of wood that we could burn. The high temp for the day was to be in the mid to upper 30s, so a fire was DEFINITELY in order. I began, at once, to get it started.

While I was working on starting our fire, The Husband was getting the kids' dirt bikes ready to ride. These are new and the kids love them. Being the safety-conscious parents we are, we were certain to make sure each child has a well-rated helmet to wear AT ALL TIMES while on the bikes.

Things went along well. Kids were riding their bikes and we were burning off a good amount of debris. Then, The Girl dumped her bike. She picked it back up and got right back on. Good girl. Then, we ate lunch. While eating The Girl tried to open a package and, in doing so, stabbed her index finger. We should have taken this as a sign, but instead, we scolded her for being irresponsible and careless with a knife.

After lunch, The Husband took The Girl for a ride on our Rzr. (In case you do not know what that is, here is a photo.) Please note this picture is from the Polaris website...this is NOT us! I was saying, The Husband took The Girl for a ride. He had taken me for a ride earlier. It is fast and fun and The Husband tends to get a bit crazy in the corners. The Boy and I were finishing our lunch and sitting by the fire when we look up and see the Rzr on its side...with The Husband and The Girl inside (both wearing seat-belts, mind you)!

Once again, we should have packed up and gone home, but NO...we were having FUN, remember?! After picking up the vehicle, The Husband took The Girl back out for another ride to make sure she was not scared. They had a blast.

I went back to tending to the fire. The Husband was helping and both kids were riding their dirt bikes. Suddenly, The Girl screamed...again. We went to see what was wrong. She was standing there NEXT to her bike. We told her to pick up the bike (The Husband was raised that if you could not pick up the bike, you could not ride). She went to do so, but then we noticed the blood. There was a good amount of it...enough to make me swoon. The Husband (man, he's amazing...have I mentioned that ever before? Because really...he IS) went right into "Calm, Control" mode and took charge. He ordered The Girl to sit down and calmed her down as he checked her leg. The foot peg caught her in the shin. She was not wearing boots. It was a pretty ugly gash (I can't say for sure, as I only first saw it today!). The Boy (who, incidentally, is almost as amazing as The Husband) clicked into gear and did everything necessary to help The Husband while I did all I could to keep myself from vomiting. (I suck under this type of pressure and am NO good with blood!!)

After quickly assessing the situation, it was determined a trip to the ER was in order. I started packing things up while The Husband bandaged The Girl the best he could. Then, The Boy sat with The Girl and kept her calm as we loaded all our stuff.

The rest of the story is pretty boring. Luckily, it was not nearly as bad as The Husband had first thought. No fracture or anything. 9 stitches and 3 hours later, we were all at home trying to relax. The Husband was really beating himself up over the fact that The Girl wasn't wearing proper boots to protect her shins.

Today, The Girl stayed home. The Husband stayed home with her...and also ordered several hundred dollars worth of protective gear. We are expecting a large shipment of bubble wrap very soon!

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