Sunday, February 26, 2012

More Progress

We are putting up a building on our property. We are not at the point where we are ready to build a home yet, but we do need a building to house our tools and toys. Back in December, we contracted to have a building erected. Work has finally begun! Here are the men clearing and leveling the space.
I had another photo but when I tried to move it, it disappeared! UGH. It is too much trouble to upload it again! Once they had the area leveled, this is what it looked like. All of this took place last week.
When we arrived at the property this weekend, this is what we saw:
We were so happy! We had somewhat hoped to see cement, but sometimes the weather is not as cooperative as one would hope!

In clearing space for the building, some trees had to come down. We were aware of this. The men who did the work said they'd bring the trees up to the existing clearing for us so we could cut them up. Unfortunately, I did not take a picture of what greeted us yesterday. It was a HUGE pile of TREES...full grown 15+ foot trees all in a pile. What a mess! So...we got to work. We started cleaning up the mess of trees, which, I must add, was no small feat. It was, however, fun! We chose the trees in order from the top, attached the winch from the Polaris, and pulled. Once the tree fell from the pile, The Husband cut it into 6' lengths and we started a pile. He and The Boy worked hard at moving logs while The Girl tended to the fire. Here we have The Husband moving a lighter log by himself.
This is not a great photo - it was dark when we decided to call it quits (mostly because we couldn't see anymore)! Still, I tried to get a shot of the log pile we made. It is quite large. I am not sure how many trees we cut up, but I vaguely recall counting 8 roots.
The tasks at the property are seemingly never ending! We will have plenty to do next week!

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