Thursday, February 16, 2012

National Junior Honor Society

Today, The Boy was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. We are so proud of him. He is usually such a great kid most of the time some of the time. I'd love to share photos of this great occasion; however, despite the fact that The Boy does, in fact, enjoy seeing the pictures from events, he does NOT enjoy having them taken. To be blunt, he loathes the fact that I am always poised with a camera in hand...EXCEPT when sports are involved (specifically football). In that case, he is THRILLED with every photo of him I shoot!

And so I have very few photos of the induction ceremony today, and in the ones I do have, The Boy looks pained. I think, in one shot, you can actually *see* the hot poker I have pressing in his back so he will be still enough for the picture!

In all seriousness, Congratulations to The Boy. We could not be prouder of you!!

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