Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Now, this is rare…so much so that it requires documentation! The Boy and The Girl were working out. They do a modified Crossfit Kids workout a la The Husband. The kids love it. Anyway, I went out to check on them and was astonished at the cooperative effort! After completing her chin-ups, The Girl went to run her last lap down the street and back. The Boy returned while The Girl was gone. As he came up to me I told him how proud of him I was. He stopped to tell me how well The Girl was doing – how hard she was working. I was shocked. The Husband was also praising both kids. The Girl returned and The Boy put his arm around her and told her she was not a ‘puppy’ anymore but was definitely a ‘big dog’.

They are getting cleaned up now. The Girl is in the shower and The Boy is sitting in the bathroom reading to her.

I LOVE these moments!

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  1. Gotta grab those moments while you can...store them for the times you feel like running away! I love that you have the kids doing workouts...gotta try that!


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