Sunday, October 7, 2007

Happy Birthday to me...

So today is my birthday. I'd love to say I spent my day reflecting on my year-how much I've grown and what I want from the coming year but then I would be lying! I'm not a particularly reflective person in that respect.

Today, I slept in and did nothing particularly special. The Girl gave me a coupon book. The Boy went shopping with The Husband and together, they picked out a nice pampering set from Bath and Body Works.

I did have some excitement, though. I went in to work for a bit. I realize that is not particularly exciting, but when you take into account that I set off the alarm when I got there, you've got yourself a chuckle-worthy story. I've gone in to work almost every weekend since I started there (in August) and have always gone in the proper door. The alarm has never been set. Today - the ONE day I decided to be lazy and go in through the door closer to the parking lot? That was the day the alarm was set. AND - despite the fact that I know the code to turn off the alarm, I could not get it to stop! Finally, it did stop ringing but I am not certain as to how I did that. I didn't wait around to find out, either...I just went along my merry way and did some work.

The entire time I was working, I was listening for the police to arrive. They never did (not all that comforting, actually)! When I finally did leave, I stopped and told someone else who had come in that I set off the alarm. She already knew (maybe someone called her?).

Now, The Girl is at her friend's house, The Boy is watching football with The Husband and I am spending some quiet time alone. Ahhh! Life is good.


  1. Happy Birthday Daughter---

    from the maternal and paternal units

  2. Happy (late) Birthday! Hope you had a great day. Love your name for the blog. Cute! Jenni


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