Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fun with the dog

We just had a visit from The Mother-in-Law, one of The Sisters-in-Law, her daughter and son. The Nephew is allergic to dust and such so The Mother-in-Law bought him a toy dog. Now, this is not an ordinary stuffed animal dog. Remember - The Nephew is allergic to dust. This is not a stuffed animal but a carved wooden figurine - not all that different from this. It is a small dog - about the size of a half-loaf of bread, if that. The Nephew really likes the toy.

We have a real dog. She is a boxer and, for whatever reason, is freakishly afraid of the most arbitrary things. She was incredibly suspicious of The Nephew's toy. I, of course, needed no further prompting than her shy looks at the toy. I immediately took it and pushed it toward The Dog...and then, just for added measure, I barked. Wow - you should have seen The Dog run! I was able, with little effort at all, to get her to run all the way around the couch, under the end table, and up into The Mother-in-Law's lap for safety!

Ahhh...good times!

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