Tuesday, October 23, 2007


The Boy and The Girl just got home from school. I am in my office attempting to work. OK - I'm not. I'm playing around and reading blogs. PRETEND I'm working, ok? Thanks.

So, I'm sitting here working and I hear the kids laughing. Laughing is good. Laughing means they are playing well together...except for the fact that the laughing inevitably turns to screaming and crying. Why is that? Why is it that the laughing ALWAYS turns to screaming and crying?

In this particular incident, all is well. The screaming and crying stopped when The Boy realized The Girl was going to come tell me something The Boy did that caused The Girl to scream and cry. At that moment, I heard The Boy pretend to cry...and convince The Girl to laugh.

They are now laughing again...for the moment. I'm sure the screaming and crying will - Hmmm...I spoke too soon. There is screaming and crying once more. *sigh*

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