Thursday, November 8, 2007

And now, an opinion...

OK - I'm really starting to get a bit steamed about all these recalls! Seriously! Today, I read the latest on Aqua Dots. Both The Boy and The Girl want these, and I thought they looked cool too. I was planning on getting some for them, but now, like most toys lately, these are a no-go. Granted, my kids are old enough not to put toys in their mouths, but that isn't to say that the stray Alpha Dot wouldn't be ingested accidentally. They're glue dots - they're sticky...what else is there to say?

I am really disgusted with the number of items being recalled lately. I'm not upset they are being recalled...on the contrary. I'm upset that they are unsafe to begin with. In the overwhelming push for the almighty dollar, safety has gone by the wayside. It is a sad state we are in.

In the meantime, we will not be purchasing toys for the kids (not that they play with toys much, per se). With birthdays and holidays on the way, we'll have to stick to clothing and other creative gift ideas.


  1. Ditto walmarts little plastic dinosaurs - apparently they contain lead. Do you know how many little toy dino's we have collected over the past few years and the scene that took place when I had to throw them all out because how could I tell the walmart ones from the kmart ones from the whatever ones? Thanks a lot yet again walmart. I thought we were friends.

  2. I hear you! Luckily my girl is getting out of the "toy" stage for the most part. We just did her wishlist tonight.


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