Saturday, November 3, 2007


The Boy's team won! They are the 8-10 year old Tackle Football area champions! It was an exciting game, too! The other team scored first but missed the extra point. We were worried our guys might give up (they did last time we played this particular team) but they didn't. They rallied and finished the half ahead 8 to 6.

When they came back after the half, the boys were so pumped up! They scored again late in the 3rd quarter (or early in the 4th) and that was the ball game. The boys played hard and they played well. It was so exciting...especially since this was the third time they played this team - they tied once, lost once, and, for the most important game, they won! Everyone came out of the stands onto the field for the final few plays. They whole team was going crazy and, just as the pros do, the boys dumped their coolers of water on their coaches!

The Boy played well and was able to play the entire game. His leg bothered him some now and again but nothing major and he was able to play through it all. Now, he's so high with adrenaline I think he could run a mile! At the end of the game, the team presented the coaches with signed footballs from the boys. The coaches were notably moved. It's been an amazing season and we are already talking about next year!

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