Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A day...

The day began at 4:20am when The Boy came barreling into my bedroom, threw on the lights, and screamed “It HURTS! It HURTS!” Being the loving mother I am, I rolled over asked what hurt. Apparently, his stomach was hurting him. The Husband got up with The Boy and I tried to go back to sleep. At 5am, The Husband returned. The Boy was still screaming as if he’d been shot (which is what we thought when he came running in). I went in and spoke with him but he just kept crying. He said he had to throw up but couldn't.

At 6am, the alarm went off. I got up and went to check on The Boy, who was finishing puking. I left him in the bathroom and went to take my shower. After I got dressed, I woke The Girl. The Boy went to bed. I got The Girl ready for school and got myself ready as well. The Husband was up and I left for work.

As I pulled into the parking lot at work, my cell phone rang. It was The Husband; he called to tell me The Girl had missed the bus. Not being used to talking on my cell phone when I arrive at work, I promptly locked my keys and all my stuff – including my COFFEE – in my car. The Husband thought this would be a great time to yell at me. “How can you lock your keys in the car when the chime goes off?” Um…HELLO! I’m on the phone with YOU…not listening to the chime in the freaking car!

The Husband tells me he will wake The Boy, bring me my spare keys, and then drive The Girl to school. A few minutes later, my phone rings again. The Boy is in the front yard puking again. The Husband is not coming.

There are some officers at work so I go to the front reception area and ask for one. None are there yet. I wait…and wait…and wait. Forty minutes later, The Husband calls again. Since The Boy is feeling better, The Husband has dropped The Girl at school and is on his way with my spare keys. I go to my car and wait for him.

Everyone tells me my day cannot get worse. Of course, an hour later, I realize it can, in fact, get worse…I forgot my lunch! Luckily, some friends went out and I tagged along with them.

My day is over…I am home. I see a lot of alcohol in the near future………


  1. There are only four words I have for my husband when he fails to cope with such days as this or understand the support I need in such times - welcome to my world. There are only two words I have for you right now - chocolate martini. Ahhhh....good times. :-)

  2. Aw. Hope The Boy is feeling better. Stinks to get all sicky right before turkey day. What a miserable morning. I hope you got to have a mixed drink to take the edge off!


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