Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mean Girls

When The Girl was born, I knew her heart would be broken by several boys throughout her life. As sad as that thought was, I knew that the mean things girls would do would be far worse than anything a boy could say or do. I just wasn't prepared for it to happen so soon.

The Girl has warts on her hand. We have seen a doctor and tried medication since we know it is a virus. The medication did not work. We tried to freeze them off at home; that did not work either. Since we recently moved again, we do not have a doctor yet...we are working on that.

Today, The Girl told The Husband that she really wants to go to the doctor. Apparently, the girls in her class discovered she has warts on her hand and they do not want to be her friend. This is pure heartache and I cannot stand it.


  1. This is the kind of heartache that no child should have to endure. I feel for her and for you watching her go through it. Please remind her that she has real friends - though far away - and these brats do not represent anything that matters.

  2. Oh that is so horrible. It's exactly the thing that you want to protect them from. They wouldn't have been good quality friends anyway if that is what is important to them!

  3. BTW, we have a pediatric dermotologist in the family. Unfortunately she's in Denver, but I'd be happy to talk to her for you. My cousin had to use silver nitrate on her son who had them all over his body.

  4. sorry for the multiple comments, but Robert wanted to add his two cents.... Simple solution he says - move back to Clarksville... :) Thought you'd like that one.


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