Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dreams can come true...

My parents have always been fans of Irish Folk Music. I can remember, as a child, listening to The Kingston Trio, The Clancy Brothers, Tommy Makem, The Chieftains, etc. To this day, I enjoy listening to “Irish Pub Songs” and, by default, The Kids listen as well.

The Girl has picked up on this love for Irish folk music and, to that end, has a favorite artist. His name is
Tom Sweeney. This guy - he's as cool as Hannah Montana! The Girl loves his songs (especially his songs for children) and, thanks to my parents, recently received an autographed copy of The Ninepenny Fiddle.

My parents travel to Ireland regularly now with a
tour group. They have done so for several years and have gotten to know many of the artists on the tour personally. Mr. Sweeney is one of the artists with the group (hence the autographed copy of the songbook).

Today, my parents phoned from Ireland. They told Mr. Sweeney all about The Girl and how she adores him. Unfortunately, they called during gymnastics so The Girl could not talk. Mr. Sweeney called back to leave a message for her on my cell phone.

I wish you all could have seen her face when she heard the message! It was truly a sight to see and nearly brought tears to my eyes. My parents are least till they come visit again and yell at her for something!

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  1. I bet that is something that won't get recalled! Yeah for The Girl! I bet she is still on cloud nine. I am so happy for her. :-) Way to go Grandparents!


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