Friday, January 11, 2008

Self-checkout and self-importance

Today, after The Girl's gymnastics, I had to run to that ever popular shopping mega-mart we all love to hate. I only had a few items so I went for the self-checkout line. Big mistake. There was a man in the line in front of me. I saw he only had about a dozen items or so in his cart so I was not worried. Another mistake. I swear, this man was a total freaking moron! He needed the supervising cashier to press the 'start' button for him. He became dumbfounded when he had to weigh his produce. He was incapable of pressing the 'skip bagging' button. I swear there should be some sort of mandatory IQ test for people to be able to use self-checkout registers. When he finally finished ringing his merchandise (almost all of which he did with the assistance of the supervising cashier) he came to the point where the machine told him to press the "OK" button. Not only was there a large "OK" button on the machine, but the machine literally TOLD him to press that button. The man stared at the machine as though it were telling him to strip naked and dance a jig. Finally, after the third time the machine repeated its command, I told the man he had to press the button. He did but, of course, needed further assistance to actually pay. *sigh*

BUT...that was not enough frustration for one evening. On my drive home, I had my cruise control set. I was coming up on the car in front of me so I changed lanes in order to pass the car. Apparently, in so doing, I completely offended the other driver. Suddenly, he started driving faster. I was committed to passing so I sped up a bit to complete the pass. The other driver felt this was, as I said, a total and complete attack on his character as a person and so he would not allow me back into the lane I needed. At the time I was able to maneuver back into the proper lane, I saw I was significantly over the speed limit. As soon as I got back in the lane, however, the other driver slowed back down to his normal speed. (I know this because, as I said, my cruise control was on.) Again...why is there no intelligence test aligned with the driving test?!


  1. Couldn't we just save a lot of trouble by having one universal test that allows you to either leave or not leave your house? It could even be taken online - those who cannot even login, well, they do not pass. Obviously. LMAO


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