Saturday, February 9, 2008

Family Fun Day...Act II

Today was our second real family fun day. The first family fun day was not nearly that fun...until it was over! Today was FAR more enjoyable. We loaded up the bikes and cook-out stuff and headed to the park. We got lost along the way, but we made it. Once we got settled and unloaded we did a bit of exploring. There was a cool welcome center that housed a snake exhibit. The Boy and The Girl LOVED this. It was pretty cool. We then headed up to the truck where one of The Husband's friends met us. The Husband and his friend took off on a 4.5 mile technical mountain bike path while The Kids and I tooled around the park. We went to the playground for a while and just hung out. Finally, we returned to the truck. The Boy was almost finished with book 7 of the Harry Potter series and he was begging me to let him finish (he was mid-way through the final chapter). So...we sat there and read. I could only imagine what The Husband would think...he drove us all the way to this park on a beautiful day, and we sat there and read! It was NOT a strenuous day for me...and don't think THAT did not go unappreciated!!

The Husband's friend returned alone...he'd broken his bike. Not long after that, The Husband returned. We cooked out and had a blast. Then, The Kids decided to feed the geese (there were 5 of them). They did that for a while and then it was time to pack up and go home.


  1. Sounds like a beautiful day!

  2. Family, food, fun, fresh air - what a perfect day. Your pictures are amazing.


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