Friday, February 8, 2008

"Damn that private school education"

(That's for you, Debbie!)

So, The Boy is having some trouble at school. It is not the typical 10-yr-old boy trouble. Apparently, The Boy is not good at containing excitement when it comes to answering questions in class. All too often, he shouts out the correct answer...and sometimes, in doing so, intimidates his classmates. One of the boys in his class told him today that he's "too smart for the class."

Today there was a note from the teacher. The Boy received a "strike" this week for not being able to contain his enthusiasm and making the other students feel badly. Those of you who know The Boy know what I'm talking about. He does not intend any harm but he gets excited and it is incomprehensible to him that any one else would or could not know the answers. He said, this evening, it was because of the "darned private school" he went made him "too smart for the 4th grade."

Sometimes it's tough being a 4th grader.


  1. Maybe the boy should skip a grade. Poor guy.

  2. So now we are punishing the children for knowing the answers? Is he making the other students feel bad...or the teacher?


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