Saturday, February 16, 2008

Family off day

So you may have noticed we've got a trend going...we have designated one day each weekend as Mommy punishment day Family Fun Day. Today, we did things a little differently. As you may know, I have a cold. Actually, the left side of my body has a cold. I'm hoping my right side doesn't catch it. All the same, I had no interest in riding or anything else today. The Husband went riding with a friend this morning while I went back to bed in an attempt to keep my head from exploding. The Boy played video games and The Girl played on the computer. When I got up (around 11am) my headache was gone, but I wasn't feeling much better. Family Fun Day is on hold this week. It is supposed to rain tomorrow so I think we'll all get cozy and watch a movie tomorrow afternoon instead of exerting ourselves!

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