Sunday, February 24, 2008

Girl Scout Cookie let down

So we got some cookies this year from a friend. Despite her being the top cookie sales-girl in her troop for the last two years, The Girl is not scouting this year. Because of this, we ordered big. (Gotta have my cookie fix!)

Much to my dismay, the quality of the cookies has gone down...WAY down. This year, the cookies we purchased are not from Little Brownie Bakers and there is a taste difference. Instead of Tagalongs, we have Peanut Butter Patties and they are not NEARLY as good as the Tagalongs. The boxes are exactly the same but the contents are different. Apparently, our cookies come from ABC...HUGE disappointment. I have never had an issue with the Little Brownie Bakers - they are the originals as far as I know. These ABC cookies are not as good. I have not tried the thin mints yet...only the "thank you" ones (LBB calls them All Abouts), Peanut Butter Patties (LBB calls them tagalongs) and Caramel Delights (LBB Samoas). The Caramel Delights tasted the same as the samoas. The Thank Yous are not as good as the All Abouts and, as I said, the PB Patties are not as good as the Tagalongs.

Anyone else out there suffering from girl scout cookie disappointment? Incidently, I even tried freezing my PB Patties in the hope that it would help but it didn't. The peanut butter is not very creamy and it ruins the entire cookie experience.

FYI - Girl Scout cookies have a myspace page! LOL!


  1. I only ordered the tagalongs. I didn't notice a difference but it could be that I ate the entire box at once. For you, I will go - right now - and do another sample analysis. I will get back to you....

  2. We haven't tried the cookies but I was shocked when Keara sold that the prices all varied. My mom got all hers from us because it was $.50 cheaper here. And I heard they were more in the city over from us. Kinda stupid. I will be happy if I don't find out the flavor difference, I really do not need to eat them! LOL

  3. Our cookies came from LBB, so luckily for me or I would have been biggest disappointment is that my cookie girl and I have not been able to get together to get them to me! ACK!!!!

    would showing up at 9:30pm be too late? LOL


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