Wednesday, March 12, 2008

11 Miles

Saturday, The Husband bought me a cycling computer for my bike. He told me Saturday morning he was going to buy it. He issued a challenge: put 1000 miles on the bike in a year. 1000 miles. On the bike. In one year. Are you freaking kidding me?! Shall we do the math?

1000 miles/52 weeks = ass pain (or funeral...unless I beat him with the bike, in which case there still will be a funeral - just not mine)

In reality, it comes to 19.23 miles/week or 2.75 miles/day. That wouldn't be bad in a perfect world where one could actually ride daily. But life? It's so not perfect. Not even close. Today I did not have time to ride. I left for work at 7am and by the time I got home (gymnastics/baseball & dinner out), it was 8:30pm.

As of this moment, I have 11 miles on the bike. The good news is I have only 989 miles to go! And, if you see me in the garage spinning that front tire, do not tell anyone. It'll be OUR secret!


  1. SPIN, SPIN, SPIN!!!


  2. And what will he give you when you do put 1000 miles on it? ;) Invite your friends over and having a spinning party. LOL


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